The first line of defence against script viruses

(and those horrid HTML spam emails)




XP SP2 adds a new ability to Outlook Express - it will no longer download remote HTML content (such as remote graphics) all you will see is the classic red x - this means NO MORE WEB-BUGS!! (the spammers are gonna HATE that - web bugs are a very popular trick that spammers use to find out if you have opened their email).  The option can be turned off via tools, options, security.


More changes to OE in XP SP2


The latest cumulative patch for Outlook Express - issued August 6 2004 - is available at this link:


Update: 16 December 2004 - An important update for OE is available via Windows Update - go get it gang




Go to OE tools, options, read. Turn ON the option to "read all messages in plain text".


This will stop spammers or anybody else from being able to detect when an HTML message is opened.



Users of Outlook 2002 have to follow the advice available at the following link to get the same benefits !!;en-us;Q307594



Outlook Express 6


Go to OE tools, options, security. Set OE to "restricted sites zone" and turn on the option to prevent programmes accessing your addressbook ("warn me when other applications try to send mail as me").   Also turn on the option to "block images and other external content in HTML e-mail"



All version of Outlook Express


Now to go IE tools, internet options, security. Highlight "restricted sites" and set everything to "disable" or "prompt".



All scripting in Outlook Express will be disabled. Some script types will cause an Active X warning.  


If you receive an email with scripting, check the message source (right click message header, properties, details, message source button) to ensure it is safe.  You can then change OE's security setting for that one email, and change it back afterwards.


To stop messages from appearing in the preview pane at all, go to OE tools, options, read and turn OFF the option to automatically download message when viewing in preview pane.  Or, just turn the preview pane off at view, layout.


You can test your copy of Outlook Express against HTML email tricks by using the service at this link:


Also, have a look at this excellent web site for succinct and detailed information about safe computing.





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