Status Bar setting doesn't stick


Check the Show_StatusBar and Show_URLinStatusBar values under this key in the registry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

Set it to no then reboot before starting IE.  Now set the status-bar as you want it.


If no joy:


Make sure only one IE window is open.
Turn on the status bar via the view menu.
Right-click the toolbar area of IE and lock the toolbars.
Hold down the Ctrl key and click the X button to close the window.
Close IE.

Now open **Windows Explorer**
Turn on the status bar via the view menu.
Right click the toolbar area of Windows Explorer and lock the toolbars.
Go to tools, Folder Options, View tab.
Use the "Apply to all folders" option.
Hold down the ctrl key and click the x button to close the window.

Restart IE and use the 'open in new window' option.


Also, a programme called Surferhelper has been known to cause this problem.  Search for iebvh3.dll and rename it iebvh3.old.  Also, BHODEMON is an excellent way to temporarily disable such programmes without having to remove them - its a free download and can be found here - bhodemon.  It does not need installing - simply unzip and run the EXE programme. It is very easy to use.  If you don't find Surfhelper, use BHODEMON to find anything else that may be lurking and causing the same problem.

MSIMN caused an invalid page fault in MSOE.DLL


Here are some standard fixes for MSOE.DLL problems.


Error Message Using Some Rules in Outlook Express

MSIMN caused an Invalid Page Fault in module unknown
MSIMN caused an invalid page fault in module MSOE.DLL at memory address
MSIMN caused an Invalid Page Fault in module kernel32.dll


Error Message If the Folders.dbx File Is Missing or Damaged

MSIMN caused an invalid page fault in module Msoe.dll
MSIMN caused an invalid page fault in module "unknown"
MSIMN caused an invalid page fault in module Directdb.dll
Msimn caused an exception C0000006h in module Directdb.dll
Outlook Express: The message could not be sent. There is not enough Disk space.
Unknown error has occurred. Protocol: SMTP Port: 0 Secure: No [SSL] Error: 0x800c0131


Err Msg: "This Program Has Performed an Illegal Operation and Will Be Shut Down"

MSIMN caused an invalid page fault in module Msoe.dll at address.

Outlook Express could not be started. It may not be installed correctly. Make sure that your disk is not full or that you are not out of memory. Contact Microsoft support for further assistance. (0x800c012e)Outlook Express could not be started because Msoe.dll could not be initialized. Outlook Express may not be installed correctly.
Folder could not be displayed.Outlook express could not open this folder.  Possible causes are: Low disk space. Low memory.


Error Starting Internet Explorer and Outlook Express After Performing a Clean Install of Windows 98;EN-US;Q275202

There is not enough memory to continue.

Outlook Express could not be started because Msoe.dll could not be loaded.


Error 0x800ccd01 Occurs When You Start Outlook Express;EN-US;Q310894

Outlook Express could not be started. The application was unable to create the Internet account manager. Your computer may be out of memory or your disk is full. Contact Microsoft for further assistance. 0x800ccd01.

Outlook Express could not be started because Msoe.dll could not be initialized. Outlook Express may not be installed correctly.


If you can't open OE at all, you can do a find on "Rules" in the registry, and delete them there.


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Identities\{GUID}\Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express\5.0\Rules


If no joy, you may need to create a new identity in Outlook Express. We have had some stubborn MSOE errors in the past which I am sure were created by other programmes, but we could not track down with any certainty which one it was.  Also, make sure you have background compaction turned OFF at OE tools, options, maintenance.  Background compaction is known to case database problems such as can cause MSOE problems.


Computer keeps disconnecting


Go to IE tools/internet options/connection/dial up settings/advanced dial up settings.


Make sure that disconnect when connection may no longer be required is turned off, and that the option to disconnect if idle is turned off as well. Later Windows versions have an option to disconnect when connection speed drops below a certain percentage. Turn that off.


Outlook Express options can cause problems if the programme is running. 


Go to Outlook Express,  tools/options/connection and make sure *connect to this account using* is not selected for each mail and news account. Make sure there is no conflict in account settings - each account should show the connection option of *any available*.


Next in Outlook Express  go to tools/options/connection and turn off *hang up after send/receive*.


Outlook Express startup informational page is blank


This can happen if you have turned off active scripting for internet zone on your computer in Internet Explorer, even if Outlook Express is set to use a different zone at Outlook Express, tools, options, security.


Go to Control Panel, Internet Options, Security.  Select internet security zone. Select custom level and then turn on active scripting.


If this does not resolve your problem (make sure you reboot) then I would suggest you update your scripting engine at (98, ME, NT)

Windows Script 5.6 for Windows 2000 and XP


Remove branding from Internet Explorer and Outlook Express


These links will be of help with branding of IE5


Title bar




Also see this link: IE and OE branding


Search engine hijacking / search doesn't work



If none of the popular search engines work, you may be a victim of QHOSTS. A list of affected search engines is HERE.  Check out the URL below for advice on how to fix QHOSTS:

Qhosts Trojan



Hijack prevention:

First, upgrade to Internet Explorer 6.  Most sites that try to hijack your search engine will now trigger a 'do you want to do this' warning message that helps you prevent search engine hijacking and home page hijackings (and 'hidden' background install of spyware).



1.  Go to IE tools, internet options, programs and use the option to reset the IE defaults.  Reboot.


2.  If that doesn't work, shut down IE and search for a *hidden* file called HOSTS (hosts.sam and lmhosts are sample files but are occasionally used in error).  HOSTS is effectively a redirection file.  Rename HOSTS to HOSTS.OLD -or- open using Notepad and remove any reference to the problem site/s (place a # at the beginning of the line or delete the line in its entirety).


3. Go to IE Tools, Internet Options, Accessibility.  Make sure there is no style sheet chosen (under User Style Sheet - format documents using my style sheet). If the option is turned on, turn it OFF.


4.  You may also need to delete the following registry keys as per the advice in Microsoft's knowledge base article:;EN-US;q323869


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\Search Bar
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\Search Page
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\Start Page


HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchURL
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\Default_Page_URL
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\Default_Search_URL
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search\SearchAssistant
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search\CustomizeSearch
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\Search Bar

If the problem comes back after rebooting:

Follow the advice at this troubleshooting link to see if you can track down what is changing your search engine options. 


Once you have made sure that your system has not been hijacked, try resetting IE's defaults again. 


Make sure you have not been hijacked by a virus or trojan.  Run a full virus scan using an up-to-date antivirus programme, and if this is your problem PLEASE update your version of Internet Explorer:


Adult content web site is unexpectedly displayed in browser window when you click on search;EN-US;Q323869


Last resort:

If, despite your best efforts, you have no luck AND you have MADE SURE that you have not been infected by a hijacker or virus, you can click on a link to download a zip file containing a txt file.  Have a look at the text file to reassure yourself as to the contents, then change the extension of the file to reg. After you have made that change, double click to merge the file with your registry (or single click if you have that enabled on your system) - make sure you also follow the troubleshooting advice above, or you will have to repeat your repairs.


Make sure you know how to backup and restore your registry first.


IE4 defaults

IE5 defaults

IE6 defaults (Windows 2000 and up)

IE6 defaults (for all operating systems)


Some specific search engine hijackings that I have addressed elsewhere in this site include:



Browserwise Seeksearchfind Spidersearch coolwwwsearch

Jethomepage 1stBar coolwebsearch


EzSearchBar Dothesearch Whazit

EzCybersearch Searchex

CNSMin i-lookup Xenroder


Xupiter Huntbar/Searchbar igetnet  


Windows will not shut down


This is the best shutdown troubleshooting website on the net :-)


I do (or don't) want Office documents to open in IE/problems with same


How to stop Office Documents opening in Internet Explorer


AutoVue Plug-ins change file associations in IE - cannot open Word documents or spreadsheets in IE;EN-US;Q321810


FIX: You may receive a 'page cannot be displayed' error message when you click on a hyperlink to view a Microsoft Office document in IE6 SP1


Cannot open an Excel 2003 workbook by using Internet Explorer 'cannot download, not able to open this internet site, could not open http[s]://...


Office 2000 Files Do Not Open in Internet Explorer 5 [Q244159];EN-US;Q244159


Office 2000 Bookmarks Do Not Function Correctly [Q247535];EN-US;Q247535


Internet Explorer 5 Does Not Handle Office 97 Bookmark Correctly [Q240057];EN-US;Q240057


In-Place Activation Using Internet Explorer 5 Does Not Work for PowerPoint Slides (Q290180);EN-US;Q290180


Office 2000 "Detect and Repair" Generates Error Code 1931 [Q279177];EN-US;Q279177


Internet Explorer Does Not Display Office Documents Correctly [Q195766];EN-US;Q195766


16-Bit Internet Explorer Cannot Open Office 97 Links [Q218932];EN-US;Q218932


No Response Downloading Office Files from a Secure Web Site [Q222869];EN-US;Q222869


Cross Frame Security Patch Denies Access to Office Documents [Q229710];EN-US;Q229710


Cannot Save Office Document in Original Format in a Frame [Q274810];EN-US;Q274810


Internet Explorer Is Unable to Open Office Documents from a Secure (SSL) Web Site;EN-US;Q316431

Computer freezes when deleting password


Since your computer freezes when you try to delete passwords via tools, internet options, content, autocomplete I suspect the relevant reg.key is damaged.


Using regedit, back up your registry. Export the following reg key and then delete it (just the key, not the whole folder).


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\IntelliForms\SPW


Quicktime and other plugins doesn't work after installing IE5.5 PS2 or IE6


Support for plug-ins such as Quicktime has been removed from IE5.5 SP2 onwards. See this link for further information


Netscape-Style Plug-ins Do Not Work After Upgrading Internet Explorer 


Quicktime has released an updated version that will work with the versions of IE listed in the article above.  Their own article explaining the changes to Quicktime and their instructions on how to solve the problem are here IE compatibility


You may also need to do the following. Using Regedit, navigate to the following registry key.  Export the key and then delete it.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Plugins\Extension\.exe


Other programmes may be affected by the changes noted in the article, so have a look at ..\downloaded program files. Selectively delete the third party plugins that you find there (noting what you have removed and testing after every deletion) if you are unable to resolve problems downloading EXE files (make sure you check the registry key above FIRST which may provide clues as to where the problem lies).  Ask in the newsgroup if you are not sure what the plugin is BEFORE deleting.  We don't want you deleting something essential that is not easily replaced.


Clearing IE's autocomplete


First the basics:


How to Use the AutoComplete Feature in Internet Explorer 5 [Q217148]

How to Use the AutoComplete Feature in Internet Explorer 4 [Q171230]


To delete addressbar autocomplete entries, delete IE History.  If that doesn't help, you may need to delete the history folder in its entirety - instructions here.


To clear search engine entries, and data on forms, go to IE tools, internet options, content, autocomplete and clear your forms cache.  Passwords are cleared in at the same place.


The more stubborn entries on the addressbar may need a visit to the registry.  If you delete any entries, make sure you keep consecutive numbering.

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs


Other autocomplete data is also stored in the Registry. Deleting the DWORD AskUser in the right hand pane may help if all else fails - it should cause IE to ask if you want to save passwords.


AutoComplete, User Names and Passwords on Forms (delete the 'askuser' DWORD to force IE to ask if you want to save passwords).
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\IntelliForms\SPW

AutoComplete, Web Addresses
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedUrls


If you are using Windows XP you may need to export, then delete, the following keys:


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Search Assistant\ACMru\5001\
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Search Assistant\ACMru\5603\
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Search Assistant\ACMru\5604\


Sometimes with IE4 SP1/2 or IE5 you will find them at:



For interest's sake:


Back Up AutoComplete URL Entries in Internet Explorer 5.0 [Q255072]


If all else fails -

Favicons - how and why

These icons are stored in the temporary internet files folder. To make them permanent find them in the TIF, copy them to a separate folder and rename them.

Then, all you need to do is rightclick the link, select properties, go to change icon and browse to the one you want.


More information about favicons can be found below:


Try or to find more information about favicons.


How do I get Active Desktop?


How to Add or Remove Windows Desktop Update


You can try manually adding the Active Desktop by rerunning setup using the following command lines (make sure you have an active internet connection).


Windows 95
...\IE5Setup.exe /C:"ie5wzd /e:IE4Shell_WIN /I:Y"


...\IE5Setup.exe /C:"ie5wzd /e:IE4Shell_NTx86 /I:Y"

Also see.. How to determine if Active Desktop is installed:


IE's download only feature


If you want to download a version of Internet Explorer for a different operating system, if you use Windows 2000, or if you want to download an earlier version of Internet Explorer than is installed on the machine in question, follow the advice at this link:;EN-US;q257249


An excellent step by step explanation of the procedure described in Q257249 (complete with pictures) can be found here:


Other articles about 'download only' are here:


Description of the Internet Explorer 5 "Download Only" Feature


Changes in Internet Explorer 5.5 Download Only Behavior


Print the contents of a directory from Windows Explorer

Have a look at this link:


How to Add the Print Directory Feature to Windows Explorer


Problems with the history folder / Hyperlinks don't change color


Extract a complete record of your history folder - works well


Some specific problems with the history folder can be caused by:


Cannot view Internet Explorer history by date


"Open in New Window" Restriction Does Not Work in History Pane [Q294291]


History Folder Does Not Contain Web Pages [Q193278]


Index.dat File in the History Folder May Become Very Large [Q280055]


Menu Bar in History Pane No Longer Appears [Q296336]


History Items Remain After Being Deleted from Cache [Q218966]


"Days to Keep Pages in History" Setting Displays Only Two Digits [Q257026]


"Open in New Window" Restriction Does Not Work in History Pane [Q294291]


If none of the above apply, or hyperlinks don't change color after being visited you may just have a problem with the history folder itself.  Corruption of the folder or its contents can cause display issues and sundry crashes or freezes when trying to access history information from within IE.


Shut down all programmes and boot into dos if you are using Windows 95 or 98. If using Windows ME use an appropriate disc to access DOS. Run the following commands from the windows directory, typically c:\windows\>


deltree history

deltree tempor~1


Reboot using ctrl, alt, del if using Windows 95 or 98.  If using WindowsME remember to remove the boot floppy.


Windows 2000 users will have to log in as Administrator to be able to delete the folders in question directly from within Windows Explorer. Windows XP users will use the same procedure.



Different operating systems use different paths to the history, temporary internet files and cookies folders.  Check your system to make sure that you are using the correct path for your machine.  For example, you may find your folders are located at ...\documents and settings\{identity}\{dir} or similar.


"DVarnau", a regular contributor to the microsoft.public newsgroups, has pointed out a website that lists some new culprits in the search for causes of problems with the history folder.  I must advise that I have tested none of the theories, though they are certainly worth a try - I give the most credence to the reports about Adaptec and Napster causing problems:


IE starts and stays offline / IE offline message when using DSL/Cable

No connection to the Internet is currently available


Internet Explorer Starts in Offline Mode and Remains Offline


HOWTO: Set Work Offline as the Default for Internet Explorer


Error Message When You Try to Use Internet Explorer: No Connection to the Internet Is Currently Available;EN-US;q303346

Unable to gain access to internet sites when 'dial whenever a network connection is not present' setting is enabled with ADSL/DSL


Also, as advised by Robert Aldwinckle (Robert has been kind enough to let me reproduce his advice here ... thanks Robert) regarding this problem with cable/DSL:


"The usual explanation is that the DSL software is  PPPoE  which only provides a connection once it is started.   To  IE/OE  it looks like a dial-up link which hasn't been started and an ambiguous state. Does the user want to connect (Try Again) or work offline?

There are various workarounds.   If your OS is Windows 2000 you could try:

Cannot Connect to Internet Using Shared DSL Connection and PPPoE [Q306947];EN-US;Q306947

If your  DSL  software has a feature called  Dial-on-Demand this site suggests that  IE  likes it better

That link is specifically meant for  Sympatico users but I think that there may be other services mentioned on the site.  In any case it may give you a new idea.

More general solutions are given on this site

If your DSL software is a version of  Enternet both sites warn that you need to make sure that you have the latest version.   That is one of the things mentioned on this page (further down from that item)...."

No spinning hourglass cursor when downloading


Working in Background Cursor Not Displayed If Loading Web Page


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