How to set non-Microsoft email or news clients as the default programme for IE

A programme must be Internet Explorer aware to automatically list itself as a default programme option at IE tools, internet options, programs.  If the programme does not appear there, there are a couple of things you can do.  You can rightclick the exe file for the programme, and see if Register is an option, ( which should cause the programme to be listed on the drop box on the Program Tab)

Otherwise, there's a manual method, which involves editing the registry and adding the programme under:

HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\Software\Clients\mail -or-

HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\Software\Clients\news

You will need to contact your programme's vendor for the appropriate syntax.

To set Netscape as the default email programme:

Go to Control Panel, Folder Options, File Types.

Go to URL:MailTo Protocol under File Types. Click Advanced. Highlight "Open" then click Edit. Make sure the settings are as follows:

Application used to perform action:
"C:\Program Files\Netscape\Netscape\netscp.exe" -compose "%1"
(Path may vary depending on where you installed Netscape)

Check Use DDE

DDE Message:


DDE Application Not Running:
(leave blank)


Iexplore caused an invalid page fault in msvcrt.dll

Perhaps this will help:

<Program> Causes Invalid Page Fault Error in Msvcrt.dll (Q192123);EN-US;Q192123

Also make sure you do not have more than one copy of msvcrt.dll installed on your system - rename any *not* in c:\windows\system.

Check that the version you have installed is correct as per this link. It is possible another programme has replaced the correct version of the DLL with a bad copy or incorrect version.

It has been reported that replacing msvcrt.dll using System File Checker/MSCONFIG has fixed the problem for some users.

Yahoo Companion is known to cause this error sometimes.  Instructions on uninstalling here:

How to Uninstall or Turn off the Yahoo! Companion Browser Toolbar (Q303047);EN-US;Q303047

Update: 7 June 2004
There has been a noticeable increase in error message involving msvcrt.dll in the newsgroups; sudden increases like this are *always* traced to a new malware release, or another common programme stuffing up people's systems.   If the above advice doesn't help you with your problem, check out my troubleshooting advice specific to malware.

Error locating object handler

Something here should help:

Error Message: Error Locating Object Handler [Q309300];EN-US;Q309300

Error Locating Object Handler [Q180553]

Error Locating Object Handler Downloading .pdf File [Q262213]

Unable to Locate Object Handler When Extension in URL Is Long [Q263847]

Can't view page offline / IE does not cache pages

This is generally because the web page author is using the following code:

<% Response.CacheControl ..... no-cache %>
<% Response.AddHeader Pragma, no-cache %>
<% Response.Expires ..... -1 %>

Sometimes it can be also be caused by a corrupt IE cache. In that case create a new one by following the instructions at this link.  For more information look here:

Web Pages Are Set for Offline Viewing but Cannot Be Viewed Offline [Q250803];EN-US;Q250803

PRB: Active Documents Appear Blank When They Are Not Cached [Q297822];EN-US;Q297822

Changing Source Code Editor


Something here should help (note that Dreamweaver provides instructions on their site for that programme):


Changing Source Code Editor in Internet Explorer


FP2000: FrontPage 2000 Not Registered as the Default HTML Editor [Q222108];EN-US;Q222108


Cannot Select FrontPage as Default HTML Editor [Q253123];EN-US;Q253123


FrontPage Express Is Not Listed When You Click Edit [Q224968];EN-US;Q224968


FrontPage 2000 Becomes the Default HTML Editor [Q221857];EN-US;Q221857


Meta Name Tag Changes the HTML Editor on the IE Toolbar [Q294713];EN-US;Q294713


Netscape Navigator 4.5 No Longer Default HTML Editor [Q221918];EN-US;Q221918


WD2000: Word Replaces FrontPage as Default HTML Editor [Q250752];EN-US;Q250752


My home page is stuck at


Microsoft has released a KB addressing this issue.  Look here:;EN-US;Q302459



Computer won't connect


Cannot connect to the internet after installing IE6 SP1, XP SP1, Hotfix 312176 or Hotfix 325662;EN-US;Q331906


Cannot Establish Dial-Up Networking Connection If You Quit Internet Explorer While You Are Connecting;EN-US;Q285786


Q316395  Error 769 Error Message When You Try to Connect to the Internet Through a PPPoE Connection;EN-US;Q316395


Q231643  Internet Explorer Does Not Automatically Connect to the Internet;EN-US;Q231643


Can't uninstall IE


Unable to Uninstall a Previous Version of Internet Explorer After You Uninstall the Current Version of Internet Explorer (Q291558);EN-US;Q291558


When you update IE you may be prompted to backup the old files.  If you do not, you cannot uninstall.  If the files from the previous version of IE are not on the system, it is impossible to uninstall the new version - after all, what it going to be put in its place.


Updated Versions of Internet Explorer Not Listed in Add/Remove Programs (Q277624);EN-US;Q277624


Can't sign in when using Messenger


First, make sure your system date and time are correct.  Then review this site if you are still having problems:


Specific error codes:


1603 AdWatch or other spyware detection program may be running.  Disable spyware program prior to installing Messenger.
81000301 Messenger can't connect
81000303 Invalid Password; too much time elapsed waiting for authorisation.
81000306 Logon timeout. Check Internet connection, IE settings
81000370 Passport login failed
81000314 Server unavailable - search for messages by Jonathan Kay for possible fixes
81000365 Can't resolve IE proxy
80070190 HTTP Bad Request. This is the HTTP 400 error code; check Proxy settings in IE and/or Messenger
800701f8 Timeout waiting for gateway Messenger service probably having a maintenance; possible proxy issue
80072efd Attempt to connect to server failed Check proxy settings; Internet connection; IE settings
80072ee7 Server name could not be resolved Check proxy settings; Internet connection; IE settings

Also check out the advice at the URL below:

Stop Messenger running


Windows XP - run gpedit.msc.  Computer Configuration --> Administrative Templates --> Windows Components --> Windows Messenger --> Set "Do not allow Windows Messenger to be run" and "Do not automatically start Winodws Messenger initially" to 'enabled'.


3 Registry edits are required to stop Messenger and get rid of the delay in OE.

Go to:


Add the following values as New, DWord Values:


Set the value of each of these to 1

To stop Messenger from running when you start Outlook Express, first make sure that you have auto-logon turned off at OE tools, options, general tab.  Also, make sure that your Contact Pane is turned off. 


Now go to:

Add a New, DWord value called Hide Messenger and set the value to 2. (This step is required to prevent a long delay when opening OE with the Contacts pane enabled)



Invalid Backweb application.....


This is an auto-update facility used by various parties - including Compaq, HP, McAfee at one time, and I am sure many others.


The home web site is


It often does not appear in add/remove programmes, and may only be uninstallable by re-running setup for the programme that installed it.


The Internet Explorer Repair Tool

This is accessed via Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs.  Highlight the Internet Explorer entry then select add/remove.  Choose the repair option.

(Note: if you are using Windows XP SP2, you can try running the command "IExplore.exe /rereg" (without the quotes).  This command line will reregister many IE files, including actxprxy.dll, asctrls.ocx, browseui.dll, cdfview.dll, comcat.dll, comctl32.dll, corpol.dll, cryptdlg.dll, digest.dll, dispex.dll, dxtmsft.dll, dxtrans.dll, hlink.dll, iepeers.dll, iesetup.dll, imgutil.dll, inetcpl.cpl, inetcpl.cpl, initpki.dll, inseng.dll, jscript.dll, licmgr10.dll, mlang.dll, mobsync.dll, msapsspc.dll, mshta.exe, mshtml.dll, mshtml.dll, mshtmled.dll, msident.dll, msieftp.dll, msnsspc.dll, msr2c.dll, msrating.dll, msxml.dll, occache.dll, oleaut32.dll, plugin.ocx, pngfilt.dll, proctexe.ocx, scrobj.dll, sendmail.dll, setupwbv.dll, shdocvw.dll, shdocvw.dll, tdc.ocx, urlmon.dll, vbscript.dll, webcheck.dll, wininet.dll)

To uninstall IE you select 'restore previous Windows configuration' in the same window.

The Repair Tool is not available Windows XP (or any other version of Windows) until the version of Internet Explorer installed with the operating system is updated.

To repair Internet Explorer in XP, have a look at the advice at this link:

How to Reinstall or Repair Internet Explorer and Outlook Express in Windows XP (Q318378);EN-US;q318378

Other Knowledge Base articles about the IE repair tool include:

Description of the Internet Explorer Repair Tool [Q194177];EN-US;Q194177

Things can also go wrong with the repair tool - for example:

Err Msg: Internet Explorer 5 Could Not Be Repaired. Please.... [Q222491];EN-US;Q222491

Can't type in text fields (IE and OE)


Perhaps this link will help:


Cannot Type Text in Outlook Express or Internet Explorer [Q235236];EN-US;q235236


regsvr32 mshtmled.dll
regsvr32 jscript.dll
regsvr32 /i mshtml.dll

Back up and restore Internet Explorer Security Zone Entries


Description of Internet Explorer Security Zones Registry Entries [Q182569];EN-US;Q182569

How to Backup and Restore Internet Explorer 5 Security Zone Info [Q247388];EN-US;Q247388


How to be notified of changes in web pages


Set the page as a favorite - set a synchronisation schedule - select the option to be notified by email if there is a change detected by synchronisation.


Otherwise, you can try this service (which I use extensively and is not dependent on you doing anything):


Toolbars missing in IE

First, press F11 to make sure you're not in full screen mode.

If that doesn't work, right click the toolbar/s you have and make sure all options are enabled.

If that doesn't work, try sliding around the toolbars you have to see if the missing one is 'stuck behind' (make sure your toolbars are unlocked in later versions of IE)

Deleting the following registry key may help as a last resort:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\WebBrowser

If you own an HP computer, use MSCONFIG (startup tab) to disable the HP utility 'autokit.exe'.  If you are using XP you may need to download a 'fix' from HP, available at:

HP and Compaq Desktop PCs - Customized View Settings on the Internet Explorer Toolbar Revert to Default Settings After Restarting the Computer

Crashes (Invalid vxd dynamic link call or 'blue screen') involving VSDATA95

This is related to ZoneAlarm..... two KB to give some guidance on troubleshooting ideas are here:

Cannot Browse the Internet After You Uninstall ZoneAlarm [Q291793];EN-US;Q291793

Invalid Vxd Dynamic Call From Vsdata95 Error Message [Q297725];EN-US;Q297725


IE shuts down without warning


This is generally a video driver issue or hardware issue. Try reducing, and even turning off hardware acceleration at control panel, display settings, advanced, performance to see if that stabilises your system. Make sure your video drivers are up to date.  Reducing resolution and or colors may also help.


Also, it can be an overheating problem. Try running the computer with the case off for a little while and see if the problem goes away.


Sometimes you may have a corrupt IE cache; create a new one as per the instructions at the URL below:

Recreating the cache, history and cookie folders when corrupted


Under certain circumstances (xml pages) IE may freeze or crash:

IE6 may close unexpectedly when you view a web page that uses a cascading style sheet


Internet Explorer unexpected quits when you exit an HTML page that contains VML elements - error message "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."


If nothing helps, follow the 'troubleshooting' advice at THIS LINK.


IEXPLORER caused an invalid page fault in KERNAL32.DLL (note the spelling)

I would suggest that you have a look at this site.


<program> caused an invalid page fault in wininet.dll


<Program> is Regsrv32.exe, Explorer.exe, Iexplorer.exe, or another program. If you click OK, you return to the desktop and Internet Explorer does not start.

This is caused by insufficient space on your computer disk for Internet Explorer's cache files.  Also review the following URL:

Web site content is not updated or you receive an unrecoverable error in Internet Explorer:


IEXPLORE caused an invalid page fault in wininet.dll

This cab caused by a corrupt cache or history folder. Follow the instructions at this link to create new data folders.


Access violation in wininet.dll;EN-US;Q315466


It can also be caused by corrupt autocomplete information.  Go to IE tools, internet options, content, autocomplete. Turn off autocomplete for web addresses and Windows Explorer.  Ok your way out and reboot.  Then, follow the cache instructions above then restart IE.  Go back to IE tools, internet options, content, autocomplete and turn the options back on again.


Otherwise, you may just have a cache or cookie problem. Export your cookies using file/import and export.

Shut down all programmes and boot into dos if you are using Windows 95 or 98. If using Windows ME use an appropriate disc to access DOS. Run the following commands from the windows directory, typically c:\windows\>:

deltree history
deltree tempor~1
deltree cookies

Reboot using ctrl, alt, del if using Windows 95 or 98. If using WindowsME remember to remove the boot floppy.  


Windows 2000 users will have to log in as Administrator to be able to delete the folders in question directly from within Windows Explorer.


Windows XP users will be able to delete the folders from within Windows Explorer as well, though they may need to log in as Administrator.



Different operating systems use different paths to the history, temporary internet files and cookies folders.  Check your system to make sure that you are using the correct path for your machine.  For example, you may find your folders are located at ...\documents and settings\{identity}\{dir} or similar.


Content (such as images) are not updated and IE may quit unexpectedly


Using IE4.01 and trying to access a secure web site

Update to at least SP1 for 4.01 (if you can find it).


Can't access MSN POP3 mail using Outlook Express (looping sign in)


If you have a Hotmail account, disable "include this account when receiving mail or synchronising" via tools, accounts, properties.


The advice at this link may also assist:


OLEXP: Cannot Access MSN POP3 E-mail in Outlook Express 5.5 [Q297360];EN-US;Q297360


How to let Outlook (not Outlook Express) as default email client


For OL98 or 2000, shut down all programmes and run the following command from start/run. Type it exactly as it appears, including the quote marks. The only thing that may change is the path to outlook.exe

"c:\program files\microsoft office\office\outlook.exe" /checkclient

Then go to IE tools, internet options, programs and select Outlook as your default email client.


Or, you may need to edit the settings manually.  Go to My Computer, View, Folder Options, File types (or Control Panel, Folder Options, File Types depending on your operating system).


The file type assocation should be:

URL:MailTo Protocol

Action type: open

Application used to perform action:
(Edit path as appropriate)

Use DDE (on)
DDE Message: (empty)
Application: (Outlook)
DDE Application not running: (empty)
Topic: System

Startup switches for Internet Explorer


· -new—Launches the browser window in a new browsing process.
· -remote—Starts a remote instance of Internet Explorer on UNIX platforms only.
· -k—Starts the browser in Kiosk or full-screen mode.
· -nohome—Starts Internet Explorer without its home page.
· -embedding—Starts the Web browser control (no home page is displayed).
· -channelband—Displays the channels folder.
· -e—Starts Internet Explorer Help on UNIX platforms only.
· -v (also -version)—Can be used to specify the version on UNIX platforms only.


"This page contains secure and non-secure items" warning


If you are using Internet Explorer 5, have a look at this link:

Incorrect Error Message When Connecting to Secure Web Sites [Q273903];EN-US;Q273903

Also, if you go to IE tools, internet options, security in IE6 there is an option under internet zone for 'display mixed content'. If this option is set to prompt, you will get the message you describe.


If the problem involves a PDF file, and a secure site, check out the URL below:


Finally, have a look at this link - in this case there's nothing you can do personally to fix the error; you can only wait for the website's author to fix their problem:


PRB: Security Warning Message Occurs When You Browse to a Page [Q261188];EN-US;Q261188


Ctrl + Enter no longer adds www and .com


Using Regedit, browse to the following registry key and make sure the noted setting is correct:


"Append Completion"="yes"


You will also see the following values:


"Use AutoComplete"="yes"


Change the registered owner of a computer


You must delve into the registry to change this.  To change the registered owner in Windows95/98 do the following:

Start regedit.  Navigate to the following registry key:

Find the CurrentVersion
Right click on "Registered Owner"
Select edit and change as desired.
Follow the same procedure for "Registered Organisation"


Or... if you want to stay out of the registry, there is a vb utility available here:


MS has released a knowledgebase article for Windows XP:


How to Change Name and Company Information After You Install Win [Q310441];EN-US;Q310441


Windows Media Player; going online "Updating Track Information in Media Library and My Music"


Found here ( referred by Jim Forbes, msn.discussion - rename OfflineUpdates.dat to OfflineUpdates.XXX


Blank desktop after installing or updating Internet Explorer


Perhaps something here will help:

Blank Desktop or Computer Hangs When Internet Explorer Installed [Q184197];EN-US;Q184197

Blank Desktop or Illegal Operations Error Message [Q249191];EN-US;Q249191

No Desktop or Blank Desktop After Logging On to Windows 2000 [Q256194];EN-US;Q256194

Always make sure all antivirus and other programmes are turned off before updating Internet Explorer (and any other programme).

RUNDLL32 caused an invalid page fault in module <unknown>

Most likely your system has some spyware or hijackware on your computer. See the advice at the link below for lots of examples of spyware, and advice on troubleshooting/identification:

"Bugs, Glitches & Stuffups"




Its a HOAX.  If you've already followed the advice in the hoax email, advice on how to restore the file can be found here:

Incompatible version of RPC Stub


Fix 1:  Microsoft Office 2000 or an Office 2000 Component Is Installed on Your Computer
If Office 2000 or or an Office 2000 component is installed on your computer, obtain and install the Office 2000 Service Release 1 (SR-1). For information about how to do so, please visit the following Microsoft Web site:

Fix 2:  Microsoft Office 2000 or an Office 2000 Component Is Not Installed on Your Computer
If Office 2000 or or an Office 2000 component is not installed on your computer, obtain and install the Mcrepair.exe tool. To do so, please visit the following Microsoft Web site, save the Mcrepair.exe file to the desktop, and then run Mcrepair.exe:

Restart your computer after you install Mcrepair.exe.


Fix 3: Update your MS scripting engine: (98, ME, NT)

Windows Script 5.6 for Windows 2000 and XP


Error message - incompatible version of RPC Stub (IE6 on NT4);EN-US;Q318943


Fix from "Doud":

How To: Fix "Error 35: Incompatible Version of the RPC Stub"

This error occurs when trying to use the "Find" function with Internet
Explorer. It is caused by a fault in v3.50.5041.0 OLEAUT32.DLL. Replace it
with an earlier version to fix the problem. Since it is a system file, you
will have to replace it using DOS. Copy the older version to C:\. Then go
to the start button and restart your computer in MS-DOS Mode. If you have
WindowsME, see below on how to do this.

Once in DOS Mode, type the following (no quotes): "copy C:\OLEAUT32.DLL
C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\OLEAUT32.DLL". When asked if you want to overwrite, type
"Y". It will then say "1 file copied". Then restart your computer
(alt+ctrl+del or you can just load windows by typing "win" at the DOS

For Windows ME Users: To load WinME in DOS mode, copy "COMMAND.COM" and
"IO.sys" from "C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\EBD\" to a formatted floppy disk. Then
restart your computer with the floppy disk in the floppy drive and DOS will

Number of unread emails wrong (XP log-in window)

You most likely have a corrupt registry setting.

Export and delete the following registry keys:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\UnreadMail\[Your E-Mail Address]\Message Count


Delete menu entries added by web pages


Using Regedit, browse to this registry key and then delete the appropriate entry (folder):


Toolbar buttons:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Extensions]


Right click menu:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt


Mislabelled toolbar buttons - delete:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\WebBrowser] (delete ITBarlayout in the right hand pane).


Error: "No domain server was available to validate your password" when using IE

Go to Control Panel, Network and set your primary network log-on to "Windows Logon" instead of "Client for Microsoft Networks".

This advice does NOT apply if you are logging on to a network.

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