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It is possible to run MSN Messenger 5.0 and Windows Messenger at the same time but you must use different identities. MSN Messenger 5.0 can use any email address you like. For example, I currently have an @hotmail, an @passport and an identity, all of which can be used with both versions of Messenger.





If you sign into the Hotmail web site, and Windows Messenger is not running, it will still start up even if you are signed in using the same Hotmail address using MSN Messenger.


Windows Messenger will also start up when you use Outlook Express.


Hotmail - activating the free Hotmail email account


Many people complain that when they create a new email account, they are unable to get past the page offering the pay-for Hotmail service and can't find a way to say 'no' to the offer. 


The link is there, just easily missed. Look down the bottom, under "About MSN Hotmail Accounts"... you will find the paragraph pictured below. Use the link that is part of the sentence "click here to sign up....for a 2 Meg account (which is the free account). 


Below is a picture of the link:



I have noticed that if I choose Australia as the country of origin, I bypass the sign-up page mentioned above... if this is the same for you, or if it isn't, please let me know by sending me an email.


What ports are used by Messenger?


.NET Messenger Service:


1503, 1863, 5060, 6891-6900, 3389, 5060


Video and Voice:  UDP 5004-65535


How do I uninstall IE 4?


Q175610 How to Manually Remove Internet Explorer 4.0;EN-US;Q175610


List of issues fixed in IE 5.01 SP1;EN-US;Q257978


Q183436 How to Create a Text File of Web Addresses in Favorites Folder;EN-US;Q183436


"Dial Up Settings" button is greyed out


Check the following registry keys are set as follows:


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings (EnableAutodial should be set to 01 00 00 00)


HKEY_USERS\.Default\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings (EnableAutodial should be set to 01 00 00 00)


IEXPLORE or MSIMN Causing an Invalid Page Fault in Module Rpcrt4.dll


The file schannel.dll is missing or damaged. Instructions on replacing the file can be found at the link below:;EN-US;Q315209

Error 0x800ccd01 Occurs When You Start Outlook Express


The identities key in the registry is damaged. Information about how to fix that problem can be found here:;EN-US;Q310894



Creating a separate MSN Dial Up Connection


Making A Connection File Or "Connectoid" For MSN Explorer [Q294853]
msn_dun.txt (a copy of the currently unavailable KB article)



A copy of Jim Forbes' old page (the original doesn't exist) (missing graphics)






Failed to load the Internet Connection Wizard Helper Component


Err Msg: "Failed to Load the Internet Connection Wizard...";EN-US;Q224828

Err Msg: Failed to Load the Internet Connection Wizard Helper...;EN-US;Q193892

No taskbar button when minimising windows


You may have the "Friends Greeting" application installed, also known as WORM_FRIENDGRT.A, installed on your computer. 


Delete it via Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs (Friend Greetings and Winsrv Reg).  You may also need to delete the following files manually that appear in the following folder:


C:\Program Files\Common Files\Media.



Friend Greetings.msi



You also need to clean up your registry:


Delete the following value:
PMedia C:\Program Files\Common Files\Media\winsrvc.exe

Delete the following values:

DisplayName WinSrv Reg

UninstallString C:\Program Files\Common Files\Media\UNINSTAL.EXE C:\Program Files\Common Files\Media\INSTALL.LOG WinSrv Reg Uninstall

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\Browser Helper Objects

Delete the following key:

Delete the following keys:

Delete the following keys:

Delete the following key:

Delete the following key:


This is how the software (virus) is installed.


An email is received:


Subject: <Recipient> you have an E-Card from <Sender>
Message Body: Greetings!

<Sender> has sent you an E-Card -- a virtual postcard from You can pickup your E-Card at the by clicking on the link below.<sender>&id=<id number>

<Recipient>, I sent you a greeting card. Please pick it up.



When you click on the link, you will see the following prompt:



then an Install Shield downloading and install window...


The following "License Agreement" appears:



When you accept the conditions, an email is sent to everybody in your contact list, the same as the one you received - JUST LIKE THE AGREEMENT SAYS IT WILL.


MSN Explorer has a white background


Go to Control Panel. Is "accessibility options" available? If not install it (it is a Windows component).

When using XP the problem can often by resolved by re-applying XP styles.

Exporting MSN Explorer favorites


Search for a hidden file called favorites.xml (or favourites.xml).  This is what the favorites are stored in.  There is a utility available online at the link below that may do what you want:


You will find the file  in a variation of the following address in W2K, Windows ME and Windows XP (* is variable):


C:\Documents and Settings\*username*\Application Data\MSN*\UserData\{**************}

OE DBX Format

Changing the type of attachment blocked by the "do not allow attachments" dialogue in OE6 up

Outlook Express uses the Internet Explorer 6 unsafe file list and the "Confirm Open After Download file type setting to determine whether a file is classed as safe.


To remove the file type from the block list, you need to go to "My Computer, View, Folder Options, <select file type> (or Control Panel, Folder Options depending on your operating system.).


Highlight the file type you want to change. Select edit.  Adjust the "Confirm Open After Download" settings as follows.


Turn the option on to block access or turn it off to allow access.


Note that some file types are 'locked', meaning the "Confirm Open After Download" option cannot be changed. These files types (for example *.exe files) cannot be removed from the block attachment list.

EXPLORER caused an invalid page fault in MSHTML.DLL

Go to IE, Help, About.  Check what patches and updates have been applied then check to make sure that the version of mshtml.dll on your computer is correct.


For example, the June 2003 cumulative patch (Q818529 - MS02-020) included mshtml.dll version 6.0.2800.1170, 6.0.2726.2500, 5.50.4926.2500 or 5.0.3516.2800 depending on your operating system and version of IE as per its knowledge base article:;EN-US;q818529


If incorrect, uninstall and reinstall the patch (make sure you turn off antivirus, crashguards and other programmes).  If you still have problems, please post to the Microsoft Public Newsgroups for more assistance.


Specific knowledge base articles about the error include the following:


Blank desktop or illegal operations error message after installing IE - 249191;EN-US;Q249191


An access violation occurs in an HTML page with a table when you scroll in a small window - 309456;EN-US;Q309456


An access violation occurs when you refresh a web page (mshtml.dll) - 817786;EN-US;Q817786


Error Message: Explorer Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module Mshtml.dll at
015f:70cbb044 - Q298098;EN-US;Q298098

"Illegal Operation" or "Application Error" Opening a Web Page - Q185512;EN-US;Q185512

INFO: Explorer Caused an Invalid Page Fault in...Q175379;EN-US;Q175379

Clicking OK in About Internet Explorer Causes Error Message Q178689;EN-US;Q178689


Illegal Operation Error Message When You Try to Print a Web Page Q194176;EN-US;Q194176

Iexplore/Explorer caused an invalid page fault in SHDOCVW.DLL

The Microsoft articles addressing the above errors are as follows:

Blank Desktop or Illegal Operations Error Message After You Install Internet Explorer Q249191;EN-US;Q249191

Illegal Operations or Access Violations When Starting Windows Q175930;EN-US;Q175930

Error Message Typing Address in Address Box or in Open Box Q221085;EN-US;Q221085

If none of the above works, follow the advice for kernel32 errors:

IEXPLORE caused an invalid page fault in KERNEL32.DLL


Trouble installing vector graphics rendering

First, make sure that you follow the suggestions at this link:

IE install problems

If that doesn't work, the following is suggested by my contact at MS:

1. Manually install vector graphics rendering.

A. Create a folder on the C: drive and call it VGX. Do this by double-clicking on My Computer, then double-clicking on the C: drive. Right-click on an open spot in that window and select New>Folder. While the "New Folder" title is highlighted, type in VGX and press [enter]

B. Extract the following 3 files into the C:\VGX folder:, vgx.inf, vgx.dll. Do this by searching for the VGX.CAB file on your hard drive. Double-click on it. Extract the 3 vgx files listed above to C:\VGX.

C. Register the files from step B. by clicking on Start>Run, and pasting in the following line and clicking Okay:

rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 C:\VGX\vgx.inf

Check to see if this fix worked by restarting your computer, then going nto My Computer-->Control Panel-->Add/Remove Programs. Double-click on MS Internet Explorer 6. See if we can still add in the component vector graphics rendering. If it is no longer an option, it has been installed successfully. If that did not work, try the next fix:

2. Move the C:\windows\hosts directory so that Windows cannot find it.

A. Double-click on My Computer. Double-click on the C: drive.Double-click on Windows.

B. Inside the Windows directory, right-click on the hosts folder and hold the button down. Drag the folder to the desktop and let go of the button. Click on "move here." Try adding in the components again. It should now finish everything. If it does not finish installing all components, move the hosts folder back into the C:\windows directory.

Cancel an MSN account


How to cancel your MSN account:;en-us;q173227


General information about MSN


MSN account and billing questions and answers;EN-US;q153806


Includes answers to:



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