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The Aumha technical support forums are owned and run by Microsoft MVP Jim Eshelman.  Of particular interest is the Breaking Security News forum, the Security Tools Updates forum, and the Parasite Fighting Recipes forum.

If you are unlucky enough to have already been infected with malware, the HijackThis and Parasites forums are well staffed and well run.  You can rest assured that the advisors in all of the forums really know their stuff.


This site is dedicated to supporting users of Outlook Express.  It is, by far, the best resource OE resource on the net.


This site is especially for new computer users - a place where we can go without fear of intimidation, or being made to feel 'dumb'.


The Spyware Warrior web site hosts a comprehensive comparison of anti-spyware products which I think you will find very useful when deciding what product to use:

The end result of all this analysis is a list of “trustworthy” products:

Spywarewarrior also hosts a comprehensive list of rouge or suspect anti-spyware products (products that are of “unknown, questionable or dubious value”):


An excellent website put together by Chris Quirke that I recommend to anybody who wants detailed, succinct advice on virus-protection and safe computing in general.


Home of the free to personal users firewall ZoneAlarm.


Check the SARC Virus Hoax Page and the next time you receive a 'warning, warning, forward this to everybody in your addressbook' email, and then reply to your correspondent asking them to do the same thing.  I spend way too much time disproving various fright-mails that are sent to me for confirmation or rebuttal, and the only way to stop the problem is education.

A word of warning - do NOT download or install the 'Next Generation in IM Smileys' advertised at


This site, entitled "Reading Email Headers" provides very comprehensive information about how to not only read email headers, but how to use these headers to track down spam mail to its source so you can lodge complaints with the appropriate parties.

Once you have discovered the original IP address of the offending party, you need to know who it is and who to contact. My favorite research sites are Spam Combat and Geektooks, and my favorite reporting site is Spamcop.