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No dial tone error

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Dialup settings keep changing from "never dial" to "always dial" or vice versa

A third party programme is resetting your dial up connection. Do a complete inventory of anything that is internet related or which may require a connection and disable all.

It is essential to check for spyware - check out my troubleshooting advice.

Some ISP supplied connectoids (IBM being one) insist on specific settings. In such cases there is nothing you can do.

Your dialup settings may also change if you have Norton Anti-Virus with the Auto-Protect turned on. If this applies to you, turn off the Auto-protect and set NAV to scan program files only.

You cannot disable an auto-configuration script in Internet Explorer

If you clear the Use Automatic Configuration Script check box in the Automatic Configuration section of the Local Area Network (LAN) settings dialogue box in Internet Explorer properties and then return to the dialogue box, the change is not retained and the checkbox is again enabled.

"Connect to the Internet using a modem" being disabled, and "Connect to the Internet using a local area network" enabled.

It is essential to check for spyware - check out my troubleshooting advice.

Computer won't connect to the Internet

Cannot connect to the internet after installing IE6 SP1, XP SP1, Hotfix 312176 or Hotfix 325662;EN-US;Q331906

Cannot Establish Dial-Up Networking Connection If You Quit Internet Explorer While You Are Connecting;EN-US;Q285786

Q316395 Error 769 Error Message When You Try to Connect to the Internet Through a PPPoE Connection;EN-US;Q316395

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Computer keeps disconnecting from the Internet

Go to IE tools/internet options/connection/dial up settings/advanced dial up settings.

Make sure that disconnect when connection may no longer be required is turned off, and that the option to disconnect if idle is turned off as well. Later Windows versions have an option to disconnect when connection speed drops below a certain percentage. Turn that off.

Outlook Express options can cause problems if the programme is running.

Go to Outlook Express, tools/options/connection and make sure *connect to this account using* is not selected for each mail and news account. Make sure there is no conflict in account settings - each account should show the connection option of *any available*.

Next in Outlook Express go to tools/options/connection and turn off *hang up after send/receive*.

Autodisconnect doesn't work or settings change

If the settings change....

Q230142 Internet Explorer Auto Disconnect Feature Set to 5 Minutes After Using Netscape Communicator;EN-US;Q230142

If auto disconnect doesn't work ....

Go to the advanced options of your dial up settings - IE tools/internet options/connections/dial up settings/advanced dial up settings and turn on the option to disconnect if connection no longer required.

Also see these links:

Not Prompted to Disconnect After Closing Internet Explorer

Then, if no joy shut down Internet Explorer and follow these instructions:

Start Regedit and got to the following registry key:


Now look at the following DWORDS:


If either one has the data of 00 00 00 00, right click the value and select Modify.
Change the data to 01 00 00 00.

Also check this registry key.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings

Look at the DWORD:  EnableAutodisconnect

If this value has the data of 00 00 00 00, change it to 01 00 00 00

Remember to reboot the computer.

When you quit Internet Explorer, you may be prompted to close the connection to Internet Explorer even though you have cleared the "Disconnect when connection may no longer be needed" checkbox

Encompass software may be installed on your PC. Advice on how to fix the problem can be found at this link

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