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Why does my address bar take so long to drop down?

Try clearing your history at Tools, Internet Options, Clear History button.  If you are still having problems, shut down all programmes and boot into dos if you are using Windows 95 or 98. If using Windows ME use an appropriate disc to access DOS. Run the following commands from the windows directory, typically c:\windows\>

deltree history
deltree tempor~1

Reboot using ctrl, alt, del if using Windows 95 or 98.  If using WindowsME remember to remove the boot floppy.  

Windows 2000 users will have to log in as Administrator to be able to delete the folders in question directly from within Windows Explorer.

Windows XP users will be able to delete the folders from within Windows Explorer as well, though they may need to log in as Administrator. 


Different operating systems use different paths to the history, temporary internet files and cookies folders. Check your system to make sure that you are using the correct path for your machine.  For example, you may find your folders are located at ...\documents and settings\{identity}\{dir} or similar.