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General advice - unable to print at all, and varied printing problems

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General problems

Internet Explorer quits unexpectedly when you try to print or to preview a document
Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.;EN-US;q827666 

Err Msg: Unable to Print Document [Q191034]
Unable to print document, either document's application is not installed correctly, there is not enough memory to load the application, or this application does not support printing (for example sound files can not be printed).
Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site Web address

Q271562 HTML Messages with Pictures Do Not Print Correctly After You Install Internet Explorer 5.5 SP1 or 6.0
Pictures may not print correctly or may not print at all. This issue typically occurs after you install Internet Explorer version 5.5 Service Pack 1 (SP1) or Internet Explorer version 6.0.;EN-US;Q271562 

How to Print a Web Page in Internet Explorer 5.5 [Q306786]

How To Print the Favorites List in Internet Explorer 5 [Q237954]

Internet Explorer Print Jobs Not Deleted from NetWare Queue [Q187679]

Unable to Print History or Temporary Internet Files Folders [Q182592]
When you try to print the contents of your Internet Explorer History or Temporary Internet Files folder, you may be unable to do so.

Map Images May Not Print Properly When Using Internet Explorer [Q249254]

Background Color in Select Tag Does Not Print or Preview [Q257243]

Unable to Print Preview Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Files [Q258106]

Unable to Print Using Print Button on Internet Explorer Toolbar [Q227094]

Table Borders May Not Print Properly in Internet Explorer [Q257036]

Documents Do Not Leave the Print Queue [Q183500]

Cannot Print from Internet Explorer or Outlook Express [Q224202]
When you try to print from Internet Explorer or Outlook Express when running Windows NT 4.0, nothing may happen (you may receive no printout), and you may receive no error message. This can occur with either a local or a network printer.

Internet Explorer Print and Print Preview Show One Page Only [Q271954]

Cannot Print Selected Area After Installing Frame Spoof Patch [Q198940]

Cannot Print a Range of Pages on a Web Site [Q255623]

Cannot Print Web Pages [Q298847]
When you attempt to print a Web page while you are browsing the Internet with Internet Explorer, the Web page may not print.

Cannot print java applets;EN-US;Q305535 

Q309349 Java Programs Are Not Printed in Internet Explorer 5.5 or Later;EN-US;Q309349 

Internet Explorer Printing May Not Work After Office XP Install [Q301960];EN-US;Q301960