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Open a new window maximised (right click "open in new window" or windows from hyperlinks)

Start IE, right click any URL and select Open in a New Window.
Go back to the first IE window you opened and close it.
Return to the second window and manually drag it to fill the screen.
(Do not use the maximize button)
Close this second window, using the close box.
All IE5 windows should now open maximized.

Or here's an old trick...

Have window already open, but minimised to the taskbar. Drag the link down to the button, hold it there until the window opens then drop the link in.

This link may be of assistance in some circumstances:

Favorites Link Does Not Use Last Internet Explorer Window Size [Q228567];EN-US;Q228567

An option is to run the script MaxLink.js (download here). Shut down all programs first.  After running the script you should see an additional option in Internet Explorer to open the link in a maximised window. Unfortunately it doesn't work in OE.

For OE, this script should work... drop_on.wsf (download here).

You put it on the desktop (or make a shortcut to it on quick link, storing it anywhere). Right click a link in a message, select add to favorites, then using the favorites on the start menu, drag that new favorite onto this attached file.

This would allow a size and window position of choice. (and the subsequent right click, 'open in new window's will remember this setting for the current session).

Be warned though, this script will only run with the Windows Scripting 5.1 and later.  Update your scripting engine at the following links:

Windows 98, ME, NT

Windows 2000 and XP