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Welcome to Sandi's Site

This site began as a private resource; an online collection of notes and fixes that I use constantly as part of my newsgroup work. As software and operating systems evolve, so do the answer to problems, so I have decided to use hyperlinks to my FAQs for newsgroup work, thereby keeping advice as up-to-date as possible.

I now have a Web site especially for Internet Explorer 7 - check it out :o)

My sites specialise in supporting users of Windows PCs.  But fear not, Macintosh users have not been left out in the cold.  I've tracked down some alternative sources which I hope will be of assistance to you.

Macintosh questions

I have had very little to do with the Mac version of OE or IE but there are Mac devoted newsgroups available at

Click the appropriate link to subscribe:

Internet Explorer for Mac
Outlook Express for Mac

Or... here are some of the websites are available:
Note: Macemail has been removed - it is no longer a Mac support site