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Last updated 20/08/2006

Description of the win32.dlder spyware trojan program:;EN-US;Q317013

Associated with Clicktilluwin hijackware (advertising trojan) which is known to have been installed by:


Bearshare 2.4.0 Beta 7

LimeWire 2.0.2 (no longer included)

Kazaa (no longer included) For information about even more Kazaa spyware/problems, look here

Grokster 1.33 (uninstaller available -

Net2Phone (unspecified versions)


BonziBuddy (removal instructions for BonziBuddy here


Noted as a trojan by some antivirus programmes (W32.DlDer.Trojan), this little nasty tracks your web surfing *and* uploads this information to a website (now apparently shut down).  It can also download *and activate* exe files (programmes).  You can expect to find a file called explorer.exe in your ..\windows\system or ..\windows\explorer file (note that a legitimate Windows file is also called explorer.exe, but that is in ..\windows


Clicktilluwin's statement and removal advice can be found here: