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Home page setting changes unexpectedly, or you cannot change your home page settings:;EN-US;Q32015

Error message in mfc42.dll appears when starting, and the Internet Explorer quits:;EN-US;Q813181

There are a few variations out there involving....;;;


Generates pop-up advertising, hijacks search engines, adds links to Internet Explorer, automatically tries to update itself.


Xupiter is the most likely cause of the following error:

Explorer caused an invalid page fault in MFC42.DLL


NOTE:  Malware known as 'Browserwise' causes the error 'iexplore.exe caused an invalid page fault in MFC42.DLL'


Its presence, or a faulty uninstall, is implicated in the following error (unconfirmed):

failure sinking events IWebrowser2


It is also known to cause crashes involving the file xtupdate.dll and sundry other xt*.dll files.


An uninstall facility is available at the link below:


The "orbit" version can have an entry in add/remove programs.


The inexperienced computer user can get rid of Xupiter by running:


1.  AdAware (available at


and then...


2. BHODemon (available at


An excellent replacement for AdAware is Spybot. Again, it is a free programme which can be downloaded from:


Manual Removal (not all points may apply)


Start Regedit


Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run


Delete the DWORD "XupiterStartup"


Delete the following registry keys:






Run the following commands to unregister the various DLLs - note that some of the files may not exist on your computer.


cd c:\windows\system (or as appropriate for your computer)
regsvr32 /u "C:\Program Files\Xupiter\Updates\XupiterToolbar.dll"


Repeat for xtupdate.dll, xtsearch.dll, t.dll, u.dll, s.dll, toolbar.dll, redirector.dll, search.dll (not all files may exist on your computer).


regsvr32 /u "C:\Program Files\Browser\Updates\BrowserToolbar.dll"

Repeat for bwupdate.dll and bwsearch.dll