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Last updated 20/08/2006

It has been alleged at the following websites that the Webshots screensaver installs the spyware known as  Newdotnet.dll and;EN-US;q302463


I installed the Webshots Desktop on 21 December 2002 (downloaded from and cannot find any evidence of Newdotnet or Webhancer.  Nor has anything untowards tried to go through ZoneAlarm.  Spybot and BHODemon shows a clean systems after installing Webshots.


Webshots USED to include Newdotnet, but no longer does so, as per a post by "" dated 29 December 2002 to the Microsoft newsgroup  The full post is available HERE.


I have registered for the Webshots free picture downloads using a unique email address (provided by Sneakemail) and will update this FAQ if any spam is received to that account.


Update 3 May 2003 - no spam has been received by the Webshots Sneakemail registration address.

Update 11 February 2004 - still no spam.