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Last updated 20/08/2006

Gator (also known as Claria) and Reget (a download manager) caused MSHTML.DLL crashes in IE5.5. Both  programmes have been updated to resolve the conflicts with IE5.5


A fascinating article about legal action *by* Gator (also known as Claria):


Gator (also known as Claria) is known to cause Kernel32 error messages:


Note: my system was infected with Gator (also known as Claria) recently - I found it purely by chance - and I have no idea where it came from :o(


Gator (also known as Claria) removal (Weatherscope, Date Manager, Precision Time, Gator eWallet and OfferCompanion)

Delete via Add/Remove Programs


GAIN (advertising software installed by Gator) does not appear in Add/Remove Programs but is apparently removed automatically when you uninstall the above programmes:


Manual removal:


Not all items may apply.


Implicated files:

iegator.dll, fsg.exe, fsg-ag.exe, fsg*.exe, files containing the name 'fsg' or 'trickler', gmt.exe, cmesys.exe, gain_trickler_exe



Remove CMESys, GMT, tricker, fsg_






Go to IE Tools, Internet Options, Temporary Internet Files {Settings Button}, View Objects, Downloaded Programme Files.

Remove DFRun Class, PdpPlg Class


If the software reappears check out this Troubleshooting advice.