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Last updated 20/08/2006

They snoop on your searches:

The Netscape/AOL download demon is just as bad:

"What's Related" and "All Folders" appear on the explorer bar menu:;EN-US;Q217141

Open/save as dialogue box does not appear with Netscape Version 4.x client installed:;EN-US;Q309378

Internet Explorer auto disconnect feature set to 5 minutes after using Netscape Communicator:;EN-US;Q230142

Error message with Netscape 4.06 Tuneup installed:;EN-US;Q262900

Netscape keeps on taking over as default browser.


Close Netscape.  Edit prefs.js by adding the following in user pref:


("browser.wfe.ignore def check", true);


Go to IE tools, internet options, programs. Set IE to check if it is default browser.  Close and start IE. Select 'yes' when prompted.


Open Netscape; it will prompt to be made default browser.  Select no, turn on the option to not ask anymore.