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Delfin Media Viewer
"DelFin Media Viewer delivers advanced "TV-like" rich-media entertainment free during "latent times". Latent times are the unavoidable times you are captive and waiting for a computer to dial-up and connect to the Internet. DelFin Media Viewer fills this void with targeted, personalized rich media entertainment in the form of movie trailers, music, music videos, TV shorts and game previews." - delete via Add/Remove Programmes.

The privacy policy says:

"DELFINís Ad Agents: DELFIN may use agents to sell and serve ads in connection with the PromulGate Service and to help DELFIN track your Internet activities. As part of the advertising process connected to PromulGate, DELFIN provides ad agents with a unique anonymous identifier for each PromulGate user, and other anonymous information, including information generated during the memberís use of DELFINís PromulGate service and DELFIN Web Sites. DELFIN or its agent(s) will use such information and other anonymous user information, including the usersí click stream data, to enable DELFIN agent(s) to serve relevant advertisements and marketing messages to members on the PromulGate Service." (