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CommonName toolbar plug-in (information here)


The error noted below is known to be caused by the toolbar plug-in.  Uninstall it.


Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
runtime error
Program C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\
Abnormal Program Termination

It seems the CommonName browser bar can be installed independently of Kazaa (thanks Jon Kennedy and Ian Phillips).  Advice on how to get rid of the toolbar can be found here:

(April 2002).  Have a look at these links:


Brilliant Digital software installed with Kazaa


"...Two days after disclosures that file-swappers using Kazaa were unwittingly downloading software that could turn their computers into part of a new network, Kazaa's owner spoke up to defend the company's actions.

As previously reported, Kazaa quietly has been bundled for two months with software that contains the core of a new peer-to-peer network. This software, from a California company called Brilliant Digital Entertainment, has been installed on potentially tens of millions of computers. Brilliant Digital plans to "turn on" this software in four to six weeks, tapping the resources of potentially tens of millions of ordinary PCs to distribute content or advertising or to run complicated computer tasks...."


"...Brilliant Digital Entertainment, a California-based digital advertising technology company, has been distributing its 3D ad technology along with the Kazaa software since late last fall. But in a federal securities filing Monday, the company revealed it also has been installing more ambitious technology that could turn every computer running Kazaa into a node in a new network controlled by Brilliant Digital.

The company plans to wake up the millions of computers that have installed its software in as soon as four weeks. It plans to use the machines--with their owners' permission--to host and distribute other companies' content, such as advertising or music. Alternatively, it might borrow people's unused processing power to help with other companies' complicated computing tasks...."




A treatise on the potential uses of the Brilliant Software:


Uninstall instructions for the Brilliant Digital Entertainment software


Just in case the page is removed, I have preserved the text of the instructions at this link