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Last updated 20/08/2006

Lot of varieties out there, including Cash Toolbar, Let's Search, QuickLaunch, ABCSearch, BrowserPal, pStopper, FeaturedResults, Rundll16.

Check Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs for BrowserAid, CashToolbar, Web Toolbar or BrowserPal.  Uninstall.

BHODemon may detect and remove this hijackware, also you may like to try AdAware or Spybot

Some of the files used, which you  may like to rename/delete if they are still on your system after cleanup, are rundll16.dll, msiefr40.dll, cashtoolbarie.dll, cashtoolbarconfig.inf, cashtoolbar.exe, browseraidbarwnd.dll, letssearchie.dll, lstoolbarconfig.inf, letssearch.exe, babarwnd.dll, quicklaunchie.dll, qltoolbarconfig.inf, quicklaunch.exe, browseraidtoolbar.dll, highlighthelper.dll, browseraid.inf, browseraid.exe, blckbho.dll, bptlb.dll and probably many more as time goes on.

My troubleshooting advice will help with final cleanup.

Windows Update: Search for updates loops (repeats) and Windows Update fails:;EN-US;Q318892