An excellent website, put together by Chris Quirke that I recommend highly to anybody who wants detailed, succinct advice on virus-protection and safe computing in general.




Home to the "free to personal users" firewall ZoneAlarm.  I'm using this programme under Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP and so far, have no complaints (note that some versions of ZoneAlarm need to be patched to allow maximum internet security in Windows 2000) .




Have a look at the Computer Virus Myths Home Page or the SARC Virus Hoax Page the next time you get one of those ridiculous "its gonna destroy your computer" email warnings BEFORE forwarding it on to all your friends.  As part of my work, I spend way too much time disproving various fright-mails that are sent to me for confirmation or rebuttal.  




This site, entitled "Reading Email Headers" provides very comprehensive information about how to not only read email headers, but how to use these headers to track down spam mail to its source so you can lodge complaints with the appropriate parties.


Once you have discovered the original IP address of the offending party, you need to know who it is and who to contact.  My favorite site is SPAM COMBAT, although SPAMCOP also provides an excellent service.




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