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The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Programme (MVP Programme) was started in the mid 1990ís as a way to recognise those members of the general public who devoted their time and considerable computing skills, on a voluntary basis, to helping users in distress in the various online communities of Microsoft users. 

It is not something you can study for; you donít sit a test or take an exam.  MVPs are nominated by Microsoft Support Engineers, Team Managers and other MVPs who notice a participantís consistent and accurate technical answers in various electronic forums and other peer-to-peer areas.

There are around 2400 MVPs worldwide who actively participate in the Microsoft.Public newsgroups. Many are IT consultants, some are published authors or technical instructors, and there are those who have had no formal training but have a level of practical experience second to none.

The volunteer spirit is strong in the MVP and it is this spirit that nurtures strong online communities.  Their high level of real life, hands-on experience and strong trouble-shooting skills combine with a high level of collaboration to create a unique community and brain-pool that is second-to-none.

My involvement with the Programme.

In October 1999  I was honored to received the MVP Award for my work in the Microsoft Public Newsgroups for the first time.

Virtually all of my knowledge comes from time, experience, experimentation and hands-on practice.  Book learning and formal study have played only a small part in the development of my skills over the years.  In fact, hands-on real-world experience is a common trait in many MVPís

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