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XP SP2 Support Centre

Press Release:

Release notes:;EN-US;835935

Programmes that may 'experience issues' when used on an XP SP2 computer:

Some programmes seem to stop working after you install XP SP2;en-us;842242

How to use the Automatic Recovery feature to recover your computer if a Windows XP SP2 setup program is not completed successfully

Changes to functionality in Windows XP SP2

New networking features in XP SP2

The new Wireless Network Setup Wizard

Manually configure the XP firewall

How to manage Internet Explorer add-ons in Windows XP SP2;EN-US;883256

How to configure Internet Explorer automatic download prompts on your Windows XP SP2 based computer

You cannot run executable files or program add-ins that are downloaded by using Internet Explorer or by using Outlook Express on a Windows XP SP2 based computer

How to use the Security Alert dialog box in Windows XP SP2